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Provide Your Pet with an Eco-Friendly Home
Your pet needs its own personal space, and if the owner doesn't provide it, the pet will choose for itself: a pillow, an armchair, a sofa, and more.

Manufacturer of Cat and Dog Houses with Global Shipping

Discover the top 3 reasons to select our wooden pet houses:

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Eco-Friendly Utilizing plywood, a thin and lightweight yet remarkably durable wood-based material.
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Practical Assembling these houses is a breeze - no tools or fasteners required.
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Elegantly Aesthetic Our houses seamlessly complement your interior with their natural wood texture. They are also customizable with a wide range of color options.
Your furry friends, like dogs and cats, can truly thrive with a space to call their own. Let's explore the significant reasons why they deserve their special place:
  • Cozy Retreat: Our pet houses offer a snug, secure sanctuary where your furry friends can escape noise, stress, or simply unwind.
  • Stress Relief: New environments and unfamiliar faces can stress pets out. Our houses provide a familiar, calming haven they can retreat to.
  • Climate Comfort: Regardless of the weather, our houses keep pets warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Furniture Savior: Prevent pet-induced furniture havoc. Let our houses be their designated play area, preserving your interior.
  • Territorial Haven: Satisfy your pet's natural urge for personal space with our houses; it's their symbol of ownership.
  • Serene Slumber: Our lodges ensure an undisturbed, comfy sleep for your beloved pets.
  • Personal Paradise: Just like us, pets need their private spot to relax and enjoy solitude.
  • Training Aid: Use our houses for effective pet training, teaching them where to go and stay within your home.
In the end, a pet house offers more than just comfort and safety; it enhances their physical and emotional well-being. It cultivates a sense of belonging and fosters respect for their personal space, thus deepening the unique connection between pets and their caregivers.

We have meticulously curated our top models,

presenting you with a choice of two exceptional pet houses. These models seamlessly blend with any interior style. Your decision: opt for a spacious layout or a lofty design.
House with a low roof
Fits perfectly under tables or shelves, and can be customized with any color of your choice.
VAT incl
Tall symmetrical house
Perfectly complements any corner of your apartment, serving as a standalone interior statemen
VAT incl.
At the heart of our operation is our dedicated in-house production facility, where we meticulously craft each pet house.
  • Precision Laser-Cutting: We employ state-of-the-art laser technology for precise material cutting, optimizing cost-efficiency and reinforcing the edges, enhancing the longevity of our finished products.
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is paramount. We maintain full control over every stage, from sourcing the finest materials to the meticulous packing and swift shipment of your chosen house.
  • Built with Care: Every house we create is infused with the same care and craftsmanship we would put into our own pets' homes. That's because we've built homes for our beloved pets too!"

Payment and delivery

Rest assured, we handle all payment procedures exclusively through the secure Etsy platform, ensuring utmost security and transparency throughout the transaction process.
When making a purchase, you have the flexibility to select either our complimentary standard shipping or opt for expedited delivery.
No matter where you are in the world, we're pleased to ship our houses to your doorstep!
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Your pets' happiness is intricately tied to their comfort.

They long for a cozy haven where they can retreat from noise, light, and even guests, especially children.

An armchair, a pillow, or a box simply won't suffice. Our four-legged companions deserve more.

They're yearning for you to provide them with their very own sanctuary.
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